Jamie Persaud
They were very helpful for my fiancé and mother in law. Thank you guys for professional and reliable service
Juha-Matti Puijola
Very professional, friendly and helpful! Matt made everything quick and easy, just how I like it. Thanks again!
Chris Klein
So glad I stumbled across this place when looking for my medical card in 2018. They have been such a pleasure to deal with and have been there every step of the way when I needed them for the past 2 years. Your search ends here, if you are considering getting your medical marijuana card, you found the right place that will make the process streamlined and enjoyable. Thanks again to doc and his wonderful staff!
Second visit here and honestly it was the best appointment I’ve ever had! I walked in, checked in, was taken back right away. Answered my re-cert questions, paid and I was out the door and on my way. This is how it should be when you have an appointment and unfortunately it’s not like that most places. And Matt Rounds was able to make that happen! I would highly recommend Medical Marijuana Health Center of Lantana to anyone. Not to mention my script was updated right away on the medical marijuana Florida registry so it allowed me to purchase immediately. Thank you for your outstanding customer service I appreciate you. I’ll be back. 😁😁
Ramiro Garcia
Gina and Matt are very helpful. They helped me with this very confusing process and were so helpful and patient.
Joseph Mainella
Great local shop with excellent management and very compassionate employees. Will definitely come by again. Gina is great. Doctor Specter was phenomenal and Matt was very professional and helpful.
Jonathan DeLeeuw
Matt and the staff at Florida Medical Marijuana Health Center of Lantana are amazing. During my consultation, hey helped answer every question I had to help me get my Medical Marijuana Card. I highly recommend Matt and his team!